CLUB db LOUNGE Is 21 and over Nightclub with valid picture ID, (No Expired ID). We are Located at Downtown Downey at 8206 Firestone Blvd in Downey, CA 90241.

CLUB db LOUNGE Has 2 Dance Floors, 2 Full Bars, Patio and State of the Art Lighting and Sound System.
CLUB db LOUNGE Offers VIP Sections for Bottle Service Only.


  • No Flip-Flops or Sandals, Steel Toe/Construction Boots.
  • No Athletic wear (Jersey, warm up Suits, Exercise wear etc).
  • No Hoodies.
  • No Bandannas, Beanies.
  • No Shorts.
  • No Sleeveless Shirts, Wife beaters, or Tank Tops for men.
  • No Excessively Baggy Pants or Shirts.
  • No Plain Black and White T-Shirt.
  • No Large Purses or Backpacks.
  • No Signs of Obvious Intoxication.
  • No Neck/Head Tattoos.
  • No Key Liners.


FOR THE GUYS:  The Standard Professional Look is a Collared, Button up Shirt worn with Jeans or Dress Pants, Dress/Tennis Shoes.

FOR THE GIRLS:  The Dress Code is simpler for the Ladies, just wear whatever you look the Hottest in! You can go Glamorous with a Cocktail Dress, or keep it casual with Jeans and a Dressy top. Coat check available.

You should look clean, smell nice and look as though you made some effort to come out and party. We put effort to provide you with Quality Upscale Venue and Entertainment, in return we would like a little effort in terms of Presentation From Our Guests.

*Management reserves the right to make changes to this DRESS CODE without notice and decision of management is final.
*No Ins and Outs